Launched in 2022, Home Stuff Mag is an online home improvement magazine founded by a team of DIY home improvement enthusiasts led by Seattle-based Kyle Rohampton.

The blog is on a mission to become one of the web’s finest resources on everything related to making your home a better and more beautiful space that will, in turn, make your life happier and more productive.

Featuring guides on DIY home improvement, quick fixes for home appliances and electronics, gardening, pest control, and other related topics, the blog targets those who are on a mission to keep everything in their home working perfectly and to make their home look exactly how they want it to — without necessarily spending extra bucks to hire other professionals. So, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you’d find the guides on this blog quite helpful.

The information featured on the blog is the result of years of experience and thorough research. While most of the things we share are stuff that we have experienced first-hand, there are times when we have to carry out in-depth research or even interview experts to ensure that we wind up with brutally accurate information. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of the information you read on the blog.

As new content is added to the guide all the time, older content on the site is also constantly checked for accuracy and “up-to-date-ness”. Even at that, we are always open to corrections and suggestions on how to make the content even better and more accurate.

The site aims to generate revenue through contextual ads and possibly affiliate links embedded within the content. These do not in any way influence the quality or accuracy of the content we publish. We only use the generated income to maintain the blog.

If you’d like to get in touch with us for any reason, simply send an email to basicfreelance [AT] gmail [DOT] com.