Best Washer Settings for Blankets

Blankets keep us from the cold. But before you can enjoy its comfort, you will have to keep this bedding clean. Asides from handwashing, you can perform this task with a decent washer.

If you are using a washer, you will have to use the right settings. On top of that, you will have to ensure that these settings match the fabric of the bedding. With these ideas, your blanket can retain its fluffiness and size for an extended period.

best washer settings for blanket

Now, this is a guide showing the best settings for making your blankets clean and fresh. If you are stuck on how to adjust your washer, scroll through the article and find the needed adjustments. Before using our recommendations, we suggest you check the owner’s manual of the machine and the blanket’s fabric.

Best Washer Settings for Blankets

Supposing you are washing a blanket with your washer, ensure it stays on a gentle cycle with a cold water setting. Then use an extra rinse setting to remove detergent residue from the fabric. If you do not have a gentle cycle on your washer, choose the lowest spin possible.

Should Blankets Be Washed Hot or Cold?

Your dirty blankets should be washed with cold water settings. After all, this option allows you to clean the bedding without worrying about fading. As for drying this item, you will have to depend on low heat.

How Do You Keep Your Blankets Fluffy When Fluffy?

You can keep your bedding fluffy by using a gentle cold water setting with a mild detergent. Besides keep the blanket from fabric softeners, overloading, and dryers. You might even skip the washer and clean the blanket with your hands.

How to Wash Heavy Blankets in Washing Machine

Do you have blankets that weigh up to 20 pounds? If yes, then you can still use the gentle cycle with a cold water setting ( on a large capacity washer) for such bedding. Then choose an extra rinse setting to make the fabric free from detergent residue.

Is it Okay to Wash a Blanket in a Washing Machine?

Yes, you can wash a blanket with a washer. But over time, the blanket might lose its fluffiness and even shrink. With this in mind, it would help if you hand-washed your bedding from time to time.

How Many Blankets can I Wash At Once?

Depending on the size of the washer, you can wash up to 5 blankets at the same time. But as you clean these beddings, avoid overloading as it disturbs the cleaning process.

Why is My Blanket Soaking Wet in Water?

If your washer cycle ends with dripping blankets, then the machine has drain issues. When a washer has this problem, the water stays in the tub and keeps the bedding soaked.

Can I Wash Towels and Blankets Together?

Yes, you can wash towels and blankets at the same time. But before you can clean both items, make sure that they are colorfast. Furthermore, stay within the load limit of the washing machine

Why is My Washer Shaking Violently?

As you wash your blanket, does the washer shake uncontrollably? If yes, then the movement comes from the machine standing on an unbalanced surface, unlevel load or a clogged pump filter.

LG Washing Mode for Bedsheets

Different options can help clean beddings with an LG washer.

Duvet: This cycle suits heavier bedding such as blankets, duvets, and pillows. For a thorough clean, it uses water at 40°c and works better with a single item load limit.

Allergy Care: Allergy Care can be used to wash anything from pillow covers to bedsheets. Unlike most modes, this cycle focuses on pollen, house mites, and other allergens.

Can I Wash Quilt in Washing Machine?

Although quilts can be washed with washing machines, the device might ruin the stitching. As a result, you should use handwashing to clean the bedding. But if you still prefer using a washing machine, use a gentle, cold water setting of a large capacity washer.

What Setting to Wash Big Blankets?

You can wash your big blankets with a delicate, cold water setting. As you use this setting, select the Extra Rinse option to remove all traces of the detergent.

How to Wash Blankets in Samsung Washer

If you want to use a Samsung washer for your sheets, stick to the Bedding cycle with cold water settings. To remove any detergent residue, rinse the bedding twice over.

How Often Should You Wash Your Blankets?

Blankets Should Be Washed on a weekly or biweekly basis. If you hardly use the bedding, you could wash it once a month.

How Do I Keep My Blankets from Matting?

You can keep your fleece blankets from matting by choosing a delicate, cold water setting. Besides do not wash the blanket alongside other items while avoiding too much detergent.

What Settings to Wash Blankets and Sheets?

A normal cycle with cold water settings is enough to wash such beddings. As you wash both types of items, do not exceed the load limit of the items.

Why Does My Blanket Feel Rough After Washing?

If your blanket feels rough after washing, then you must have washed the bedding with a high heat setting. With such temperature, the bedding ends with rough clumps that feel rough against your skin.

How to Wash a Cotton Blanket?

It is easy to wash a cotton blanket. To get started, choose a delicate cycle with low heat settings. As you wash the bedding, use liquid detergents and avoid bleach.

Should I Use Fabric Softener on Plush Blankets?

No, do not use fabric softener on such beddings or any other type of blankets. When it comes down to it, this laundry product can damage the fabric of the blanket.

How Long Does It Take a Blanket to Air Dry?

In the open air, drying a blanket should take between two-four hours. However, the duration depends on the weather conditions and the fabric of the blanket.