How to Disable Bark without Parents Knowing

The Bark app has been a helpful tool for parents who want to spy on and monitor their kids’ internet activities.

The app was not designed for spying but for protecting kids online from kidnappers, pedophiles, and scammers to prevent them from viewing content they are not supposed to be viewing.

Here, we’d be looking at some of the ways to deactivate bark. This guide will also help you understand some tricks teenagers use to deactivate the app without their parents knowing.

how to disable bark without parents knowing

When to Disable Bark

There are some occasions when parents may feel the bark services are no longer, especially when kids are above the age of 21. For example, Dave’s parents feel Dave has come of age and no longer needs to be monitored since he’s old enough to make his own decisions.

Disabling Bark services is simple and easy. However, suppose you try to do it yourself. In that case, you will most likely experience some challenges if you plan on deactivating the services without informing a third-party such as your parents, spouse, employer, etc.

Proven Methods of Deactivating Bark

Having your parents, spouse, and employers stalk you online may be uncomfortable. You most likely will worry about how others view your messages and how you interact with people.

You deserve to have your privacy. Here’s how to disable bark on your phone without worrying about a third party getting notified about people viewing how you send and receive messages and getting restricted from accessing some websites on your browser.

  • Choose Browsers

You can always choose to use browsers to access your social media accounts. Using incognito mode on your browser can keep your activities anonymous and delete all data stored on the web. Your parents may still find a way to access what you browse when you use Google chrome when they install a bark extension on your phone or computer.

Disabling the bark extension will notify whoever is accessing your account. Alternatively, you can always use any type of web browser to access websites that your parents are not in support of, and you can also use it to send emails and check your social media accounts. Firefox web browser is highly recommended for bypassing bark services when you access the internet.

  • Use VPN

VPN helps protect your anonymity status, and you can always use it to prevent the bark app from accessing your activities online. The downside of using a VPN to bypass bark is that it will send a notification to whoever is overseeing your affairs to inform them about your action.

VPNs are recommended to bypass Bark only when you feel the ones overseeing your online affairs have been compromised while putting you at risk of getting hacked.

  • Using Your Parent’s Bark Account

This remains one of the best ways of disabling Bark without notifying anyone that’s watching your every move online. You can get your parent’s or spouse’s phone whenever behind their backs and simply restrict them from accessing some of your social media accounts, or you can deactivate the services permanently without notifying them.

How the Bark App Works

The bark app is a mobile app that allows people to oversee the online affairs of other people online. In other, for the app to work, one is expected to take consent from the mobile phone owner or the person’s parent or guardian.

The app allows you to see how the person interacts online such as viewing what they post on social media, how they interact with people in the DM, what type of files they are sharing or receiving, etc. The app was designed for parents who are security conscious of their child’s security status online.

You can always integrate bark services on your spouse, kids, or employee’s work phone in other to see their daily activities online and how they interact with everyone. The app will also help expose hidden secrets that have been kept away from you, and it is up to you to react in the best possible ways to what you see.

If you’re seeking to try out the bark service for the first time, you can simply install the app on either your Android or iOS device and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

You can thus use the bark app to oversee all your child, spouse, or employee activities on social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. However, do note that the bark app does not support some types of mobile browsers, such as safari. This means your child can use browsers like safari to access adult websites.

Although the app is known for monitoring kids’ online activities in other to protect them from potential dangers. Most parents who track their wards using the app are at risk of getting drowned in their worries which may lead to medical issues.

Bark, however, remains a great app for tracking your loved one’s location and activities, and it helps to detect and protect them from potential threats on all social media platforms.


Bark is an excellent app for keeping tabs on your children’s phones and social media accounts. However, situations may arise where people may feel the need to disable the Bark accounts.

Deactivating and disabling Bark services is easy, and you can also use other methods to bypass the app from accessing your online activities.