Kessil A80 Mounting Options & Tips

The Kessil A80 LED light fixture is a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts for its compact design, high-quality lighting, and versatility.

When it comes to setting up the A80, there are several mounting options available, each catering to different tank setups and preferences.

Kessil A80 Mounting Options

In this article, we will explore the various mounting options offered by Kessil for the A80 and provide valuable tips to ensure successful installation and optimal performance for your aquarium.

1. Canopy Mounting

kessil a80 mounting options canopy

Canopy mounting is a popular option for the Kessil A80 LED light fixture, especially for reef tanks or planted aquariums. The A80 comes with a sturdy and adjustable mounting bracket that allows you to securely attach the light to the inside of your tank’s canopy. 

This setup not only provides a clean and streamlined look but also helps protect the light from water splashes and other environmental factors. The canopy’s presence helps to diffuse the light and prevents direct exposure, which can reduce the risk of algae growth. 

Moreover, it allows for easy access to the light for adjustments and maintenance. However, before mounting the A80 inside your canopy, ensure that the bracket is firmly secured and that the canopy can support the weight of the light to avoid any accidents or damage.

2. Gooseneck Mounting

kessil a80 mounting options gooseneck

Kessil offers a flexible gooseneck mount that offers unparalleled versatility for positioning the A80 over your aquarium. The gooseneck allows you to adjust the height, angle, and direction of the light, catering to different tank sizes and layouts. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for tanks without a canopy or those with unconventional designs, as it enables you to precisely direct the light to specific areas of the tank. 

The gooseneck is designed with durability in mind, and it ensures that the A80 stays in place once adjusted, preventing accidental movement. However, keep in mind that excessive manipulation of the gooseneck can lead to wear and tear over time, so handle it with care during adjustments.

Gooseneck Mounting Tips

  • Adjust the gooseneck to direct the light precisely where your corals or plants need it the most.
  • Avoid excessive manipulation of the gooseneck to prevent wear and tear over time.
  • Periodically check and tighten the gooseneck’s joints to ensure stability.
  • Experiment with different gooseneck positions to find the best lighting arrangement for your aquarium

Kessil A80 Hanging Kit

The hanging kit offers flexibility in adjusting the height of the A80 above the tank, which is especially useful for deep aquariums or when accommodating corals with varying light requirements.

The hanging kit comes with adjustable cables or chains, allowing you to achieve the desired lighting height. It also gives a clean and aesthetic appearance, as there are no brackets or goosenecks visible within the tank. 

However, while using the hanging kit, make sure to choose an appropriate location to suspend the light securely, considering the weight of the A80 and the load it may bear over time.

Hanging Kit Tips

  • Choose a sturdy location to hang the light, considering the weight of the A80 and potential load over time.
  • Adjust the height of the light to accommodate the needs of your corals or plants.
  • Regularly inspect the hanging kit for signs of wear and tighten cables or chains as needed.
  • Use a level to ensure the A80 hangs evenly for a balanced lighting effect.

Kessil A80 Wall Mount

The wall mount option for the Kessil A80 provides a unique and stylish way to illuminate your aquarium. This option is suitable for those who do not have a tank hood or wish to mount the light to the wall behind the tank, offering a different perspective and a striking visual display. 

The metal wall mount is adjustable, making it compatible with various tank sizes. It is crucial to ensure that the wall you plan to mount the A80 on is sturdy enough to handle the weight and securely fasten the mount to avoid any accidental detachment. 

The wall mount setup is ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of your room and creating a focal point around your aquarium.

Wall Mount Tips

  • Ensure the wall can support the weight of the A80 and securely fasten the mount to avoid detachment.
  • Adjust the angle and height of the light to achieve the desired lighting effect and coverage.
  • Keep the wall mount clean and free from dust or debris to maintain its appearance.
  • Consider positioning the wall-mounted A80 as a spotlight on specific aquarium features.

Kessil A80 DIY Mounting

For hobbyists who love to get creative and tailor their setups, a DIY mounting system for the Kessil A80 is an exciting option. There are numerous tutorials and guides available online that can help you construct a custom mount according to your preferences and tank specifications. 

This option allows for complete personalization, giving you the freedom to experiment with various materials and designs. However, it is essential to prioritize safety and stability during the DIY process. 

Ensure that the mount securely holds the A80 and doesn’t obstruct the light’s performance or access for adjustments and maintenance. Regularly inspect the DIY mount to check for any signs of wear or potential issues.

DIY Mounting Tips

  • Prioritize safety and stability during the construction process to securely hold the A80 in place.
  • Regularly inspect the DIY mount for any signs of wear or potential issues.
  • Experiment with various materials and designs to achieve the desired aesthetics and functionality.
  • Follow online tutorials and guides for inspiration and guidance during the DIY process.
  • Remember to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety precautions for your chosen mounting option to ensure


The Kessil A80 LED light fixture offers a range of mounting options to suit diverse aquarium setups and preferences. Whether you choose canopy mounting, gooseneck mounting, a hanging kit, wall mounting, or a DIY solution, each option presents unique advantages. 

Proper installation and regular maintenance are crucial for maximizing the A80’s performance and ensuring the health and growth of your aquatic life. Remember to carefully follow instructions and safety guidelines provided by Kessil to create an optimal lighting setup that enhances the beauty of your aquarium.