Razer Viper Ultimate Not Charging: How to Fix

The Raze Viper Ultimate is a wireless gaming mouse designed for esports players. Released in 201, it’s one of the world’s lightest gaming mice out there that also comes with a 20K DPI optical sensor.

While Razer didn’t necessarily market the mouse for esports gaming, features like 8 programable buttons, Chroma RGB lighting, onboard memory, and a wireless charging dock puts it high in the ranks of gaming mice suitable for playing esports.

Despite all the good reviews about this product, there are still some users complaining about the mouse having a charging issue. If you happen to be facing a similar issue, you’ll want to continue reading.

In this article, we will discuss ways to fix your viper ultimate if it’s not charging, and also, possible causes so you can avoid them going forward.

razer viper ultimate not charging

Razer Viper Ultimate Not Charging: Possible Causes

The reasons that can make your Viper Ultimate not charge are quite generic – all wireless charging mice do have them.

  • Dirt Blocking Charging and Pogo Pins

If you’ve been using your mouse for a while, this is the problem you’re likely to encounter, especially if you have a dusty work environment. Most times there can be an accumulation of dirt on the golden contacts, sometimes even unnoticeable to your naked eyes, but just enough to prevent the device from supplying charge to the mouse.

  • Faulty USB Cable/Port

There are times (often associated with mishandling) when the charging issue can be from a defective USB port that’s connecting your PC with the charging plate, or with the mouse itself. Aside from mishandling, this can also be from a faulty PC port, so you may need to check other confirmed working before making conclusions.

  • Outdated Razer Viper Ultimate Firmware

Sometimes the fact that you’re running on outdated firmware may be the reason why your viper ultimate is not charging. Although you may continue to have power on the mouse, it won’t be able to move past a certain percentage (usually 5% or 10%), which if not treated may lead you to always overcharge, damaging the battery life of the device altogether.

Razer Viper Ultimate Not Charging: How to Fix

In truth, there are not a lot of ways to fix the charging issue especially if it’s hardware-related. The device is sealed, and not held together by knots, as such, taking it apart to fix, and recouple is kind of out of the equation. Nevertheless, there are some things you can try.

  • Clean the Charging Pins and Contact Surface

In most cases, especially if you work in a somewhat dusty space, this may be all you need. Simply take a small soft brush and gently scrub the pogo pins. Next, you want to blow to remove the scraped-up dirt. Don’t worry if you can’t see the dirt because in most cases, it can be there and gentle scrubbing is all that’s needed.

  • Check the USB Cable and Port

The best way to go about this fix is to plug your charging plate in another port or another PC so you can confirm its port working perfectly. If you notice that you’re the mouse still doesn’t charge, try connecting it directly to the PC too. Usually, one of both options will work or the issue is most likely with the USB cable; because it’s non-removable, your device is probably out of condition.

  • Check an Update Viper Ultimate Firmware

In most cases, this is the last resort as anything more may mean you’ll have to take apart the device to have it fixed. You can get the new Razer Viper Ultimate update from the company’s website. Here’s a step-by-step guide to updating your mouse.

  1. Ensure there’s no running program on your PC, and it is charged or plugged in so that the update isn’t interrupted by power.
  2. You can download the latest firmware by clicking here.
  3. On running the updater, you may be asked to confirm changes to your device, click “Yes”
  4. Now follow the instructions that come with the installation wizard. The installation speed largely depends on your PC’s speed


Razer Viper Ultimate Charging Dock Not Lighting Up: How to Fix

If your Razer Viper Ultimate charging dock fails to light up for whatever reason, the first thing you want to do is to examine the connection between the charging dock and your PC; confirm if it’s plugged in correctly. If there seems to be no problem in that regard, your next step should be confirming if the Razer Synapse software is set, updated, and working properly.

Other than these two listed above, there’s not much you can do as it’s a portable device that’s likely to get damaged as soon as the seal is broken. More so it trying to take it apart voids your warranty and any chance of claiming a replacement through customer support.