Seahorse Pro Blinking Yellow Light: Causes & Fixes

If after a couple of weeks of usage, your Seahorse Pro starts blinking its yellow light it’s probably something that has to do with the hardware. Although not to say by design, the Seahorse’s e-dabber is defective, it’s a problem that often happens when there’s a mishandling.

In this article, we will be guiding you through some simple steps on how to fix the issue causing your Seahorse Pro to blink its yellow light. Before we give you tips on how to solve the problem, let’s outline some of the probable causes – the last thing you want is to fix your dab pan every time you want to vape.

seahorse pro blinking yellow light

Seahorse Pro Blinking Yellow Light: Possible Causes

  1. Low charge on your Seahorse Pro’s battery.
  2. Faulty tip on your Seahorse Pro.
  3. Metal piece in the middle of the tip is improperly placed/dislodged from its correct position.
  4. Improper placement of rubber relative to the metal piece in the tip of your Seahorse.

Now let’s get to discussing the remedies.

Seahorse Pro Blinking Yellow Light: How to Fix

Lookah’s Seahorse Pro is quite a durable e-dabber, as such, it doesn’t always get faulty if used properly. More so, there are very few things that you could do to as fix if eventually, it ends up getting faulty. 

  • Try Charging

If you’re a new user, chances are that your Seahorse Pro is blinking its yellow light indicator because it’s not charged. You may want to plug it in for a bit and check if indeed the issue is with the charge. However, if you’ve been using an e-dabber for a while, chances are your problem is not about missing a charge cycle, you’ll want to try the next fix to get things sorted. 

  • Open the Tip/Head and Rearrange it Correctly

When you unscrew the tip of your Seahorse Pro, remove the little metal piece that goes in the middle, and you’ll find a tiny wire in the hole. For it to work properly, this wire must be touching the walls of the tip – if there’s no touch, there’s a problem. Once you find that the wire is on the side, or center, anywhere apart from touching the walls of the tip, you’ll need to reposition it as that’s likely your problem.

  • Unscrew the e-dabber, and remove the small metal piece in the middle
  •  Examine the tip, and position the wire in the middle such that it rests on the walls of the tip of the e-dabber.
  • Slip in the small metal piece again, making sure that you’re placing it such that the wire is in the outer walls of it, and at the same time resting in the inner walls of the tip.
  • Screw the tip of the e-dabber back on, if you did it properly, then your Seahorse Pro’s light should turn blue. 

It’s all about making sure that the tiny wire in the middle of the tip is in the right spot (outside of the small metal piece, and resting on the walls of the tip. In some cases, you may consider changing the tip entirely if you’ve tried repositioning it and it still didn’t work. In cases where you’ve replaced the tip and it still didn’t work, you may have to consider the last resort, which is getting a new e-dabber.

Seahorse Pro Vs. Seahorse Pro Plus: Which is Better

The Seahorse Pro and Seahorse Pro Plus are both very decent e-dabbers, however, there are some key differences/upgrades you’ll find in the Seahorse Pro Plus that are not in the regular Pro model. Of course, this also means at least an additional $10 to your purchasing price. Let’s put both features side-by-side and see which product is worth the buy.


Seahorse Pro

Seahorse Pro Plus

Battery size 500mAh 650mAh
Charging port Micro USB USB-C
Coil cap Screw-on Magnetic
Tip material Quartz Quartz
Vapor path Glass Glass
Modes Manual Manual, Session
Price $69.99 $79.99

We can argue that the Seahorse Pro is a lot more budget-friendly, not to mention some retail stores often inflate their prices for the Pro Pluss. They both use the same tip material and vapor path; quartz and glass, as such you’ll more or less get the same vaping experience.

Although with the Seahorse Pro, you may get to face that issue of blinking yellow light from time to time because of the screw-on coil cap mechanism, it’s an acceptable trade-off considering that there’s a quick fix that doesn’t require you to spend that additional $10+. 

While these are essentially the differences between both products, the one you get to pick in the end will largely depend on individual needs, preferences, and sometimes experiences if you’ve used either of them before. At any rate, if you’re looking for the best possible experience from an e-dabber from Lookah, then getting the Seahorse Pro Plus is the way to go.