How to Humanely Kill a Mouse Stuck in a Trap

Nothing beats capturing a mouse alive and releasing it into the wild (close to where he or she was discovered). However, this may not be the case for a mouse caught by a snap trap or glue trap.

If snap traps do not kill a mouse instantly, it fractures the stuck part. A mouse may also become extremely weak from starvation, loss of blood, or dehydration after being stuck on a glue trap for too long.

These conditions result in a slow and painful death. To alleviate this suffering, especially for a mouse with lesser chances of survival, there are humane ways to go about it.

how to humanely kill a mouse stuck in a trap

Credit: Pixabay

3 Ways to Humanely Kill a Mouse Stuck in A Trap

1. Asphyxiation with CO2

This is the most humane method (approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association) for killing a stuck mouse. Although the procedure is best suited for a vet, it won’t hurt to know how it is done.

First, you need household materials like a pair of hand gloves, baking soda, white vinegar, a sealable plastic bag, a hose, a sealable plastic container, and a separate container to mix the baking soda and vinegar.

With all the materials available, you need to prepare a CO2 chamber. Place the baking soda into the bottom of the plastic bag and put the plastic container (with vinegar) close to it. The ratio of baking soda to vinegar will depend on the size of the container used.

The sealable plastic container serves as the euthanasia chamber. With care, place the rat in the container and seal it. You may also prepare the container with nesting materials to make it more comfortable for the mouse.


Connect both chambers with a hose. The hose must be tied to the top of the plastic bag. Once connected, vinegar should be slowly poured over the baking soda to create a (30%-40%) concentration of CO2 that will make the mouse lose consciousness.

2. Brute Force (Trauma) to the Head

The goal of this method is to kill the rodent swiftly with a powerful blow to the head. You can use a hammer or any blunt material capable of impacting brute force. If you are the emotional type, this method is not for you.

  • You need a pair of heavy-duty gloves, a sealable plastic bag, and any tool that can hit the head of a mouse and kill it at once. 
  • With your gloves on, pick the mouse from the trap and place it in a sealable plastic bag. Fold this bag until you have the mouse in your hands from the outside of the bag.
  • Position the mouse to reveal his or her head and land a powerful blow with a hammer. It should die immediately. 

3. Firing a Low Power Gun

The use of a projectile or air rifle like the .177 caliber should only be considered in the case of an emergency. Before opting for this humane method, you must ensure that:

  • You use a low-power gun. Powerful guns will shoot through rodents and scatter their biological remains all over the location, predisposing health hazards.
  • You clearly have the rodent in sight. A roaming mouse can be difficult to shoot. However, when they are cornered and have nowhere to go, air-powered rifles can give them a quick death.
  • You target the head only. A shot to the head is the quickest and most effective way to kill a mouse instantly.
  • The shooting environment is safe. In other words, make sure there are no people or significant objects that can become a victim (should you misfire) within the premises. The area must also be free of obstruction.
  • All firearm safety measures are observed. Even with less power, when mishandled, air guns are deadly. If you have no idea how to operate a gun, try other humane methods.
  • It is legal in your neighborhood. Please note that a clean shot will be bloody, hence, if you hate the sight of blood, do not opt for this method.


While the goal of this article is to expose you to the different (humane) methods of killing stuck rodents, you should not forget to protect yourself first. Rodents belong in the wild, hence, all dealings with them MUST be under protective (tough) gloves.