Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Not Working: Causes & Fixes

Hunter Fan is a well-known fan brand across the US, Canada, Australia, and some parts of Europe. They’re known for their durable products, and the fact that customers get a limited lifetime warranty on ceiling fans suggests the trust that you can attach to their products.

However, even with the best products of high quality, there are bound to be some loose ends once in a while – the Hunter Fan brand isn’t an exception. In this case, the lighting attached to the fan is where they find lapses. A lot of clients have complained about their fan light dying or needing some servicing even though the fan’s motor still works perfectly.

hunter ceiling fan light not working

Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Not Working – Possible Causes

There are largely three reasons that could be behind your Hunter Ceiling Fan not working.

  1. Broken Bulb or light set
  2. Electrical issues
  3. Faulty remote controller, and wrongly programmed remote control

These causes are usually easy to fix, but sometimes, things can get quite complicated and you’ll need the service of an electrician or fan repairer to check it out for you.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Not Working – How to Fix

As said earlier, each possible cause can be easy to fix, at the same time, it may require the hands of an expert. We’ll start with the simple things you can do if you’re handy with electronics, then let you know when you’ll need a technician to do the work.

  • Check & Fix the Lightbulb (if found faulty)

When purchasing your Hunter ceiling fan, there’s often an option to add a light kit to it, if you did, (which you probably did as you already have a light kit mounted on the fan) you’ll want to check the manual for the specs and part numbers that can work as a replacement – you’ll need the info in the future.

Now, you want to check the bulb if simply died or just lost in the socket. If this is the case, you can either replace it with a new one or screw the old one back tighter. If you bought a Hunter Fan model that’s 2019 or later, chances are its socket is protected from burning so replacing the bulb is the only remedy you need.

However, if after replacing the light still doesn’t come on, then it’s either an electrical problem with the switch or you have a burnt socket. You can confirm which is the problem by examining the socket, meanwhile, both problems will require some knowledge about electrical appliances to fix.

  • Reset the Lights on your Ceiling Fan

Sometimes, a simple lightbulb replacement as stated above won’t do, you’ll need to reset the new bulb to work with your fan. If you notice no issue with the sockets while screwing in a new bulb, a simple reset might be the next step to getting your lighting to work. You can follow these steps to perform a reset on your Hunter ceiling fan.

  • Turn off the fuse box controlling the ceiling fan, then disconnect it from the power source.
  • After disconnection, wait for about a minute and remove all lights from their sockets.
  • Toggle off & on the fan switch controlling the lightbulbs.
  • Reinsert the new light bulbs and reconnect the fan. 
  • Finally, switch on the fan, and your lighting issue should be solved.
  • Examine & Solve Possible Electrical Issues

If after trying to replace the lightbulb you’ll want to check if it’s receiving power from the socket. If not, then the wiring is most likely a problem – you’ll need to inspect the cables. Power off the fan, and check inside the canopy to make sure all wires are properly connected. If you notice any of them falling off, then it’s time to consult an electrician.

If the problem doesn’t lie there, then examine the light switch to ensure it’s operational. Toggle off & on, the switch in the breaker box at 15-minute intervals, if nothing happens, then you’re going to need a new lighting kit. Installing a new lighting kit will also require an electrician.

However, there are some cases where your wattage limiter may have issues – this happens to hardware produced between 1009 and 2019. In this case, you’ll need to contact the customer service for a replacement.

  • Check the Remote Control

Sometimes, the issue with you’re the lighting on your Hunter ceiling fan may be associated with a malfunctioning remote control. This is usually the problem when the lighting stops working while the power to the home is on, or when the light first develops a fault where it turns on & off automatically without you triggering it.

In this case, you want to first look around to see if there’s any item that possibly could be causing interference while trying to use the remote. If none, try removing, and putting back the batteries. If it doesn’t solve the issue, you’ll need to check the RF frequency of the remote if it’s the same as the fan – if it’s the same, you need to change it. While this is often the fault of the manufacturer, you may need to re-pair your remote to the ceiling fan. Luckily, the process is quite simple as it follows the same steps you’d use to pair a car’s Bluetooth to your smartphone – you can also check your user manual for that.