How to Wash a 20lb – 25lb Weighted Blanket

Wondering how to wash a 20lb-25lb weighted blanket? That’s not a problem. But it could be a problem if you fail to read and apply the DIY hacks outlined in this guide.

The laundry tips revealed in this guide will not only keep your heavy-duty blanket clean but will also guarantee a stress-free and peaceful night’s sleep. Everyone enjoys relaxing and sleeping in weighted blankets, but washing and storing them efficiently is a different ball game.

how to wash a weighted blanket

Depending on the weight and type of your weighted blankets, as well as your abilities and preferences, you can wash weighted blankets in the Laundromat machine or by hand using the techniques in this guide.

But it is also important you take cognizance of the washing advice advanced herein to safeguard the integrity of your blankets and keep them longer and fresher. So let’s consider the options you have for washing your oversized and heavy blankets.

How to Wash a 20lb-25lb Weighted Blanket: Use a Washer

Laundry and sleep experts advise that it is best to take sleeping blankets weighing over 20 pounds to the Laundromat for washing. Laundromats have commercial-size machines that can tumble and clean your blankets effectively, but trying to wash them at home using your standard washer will degrade and damage your machine. So when considering how to wash your blanket, the first thing to consider is its weighted bulk.

A Laundromat washer will wash your weighted blankets efficiently, but ensure that it is set at the lowest frequency for optimal tumbling. In some cases, the Laundromat assistant may suggest that you use stain removers or fabric softener to deal with the blanket, but it is best to go with the manufacturer’s recommendation for machine-washing. Ensure you use warm water and recommended detergent for your washing, and air-dry in open spaces where there is proper ventilation and direct sunlight.

If you have a slightly bigger washer at home and are quite confident that it can handle your weighted blanket, then you must proceed with caution. This is largely because the green light for your material to be machine-washed does not insulate it from machine damage. After ensuring that your blanket is machine washable, be sure to wash it at home only if it is below 15 pounds – or else take it to the Laundromat.

In case you have spots or stains on particular sections of your blanket, you may skip the washing and deal with those spots separately. You can use a toothbrush and stain remover to treat the stains in isolation, and you can rinse the affected parts without washing the entire fabric. By the way, cleaning stains as soon as they happen to your blanket will prevent them from getting permanent, and this will save you hours of spot-cleaning in aftercare labor.

How to Wash a 20lb-25lb Weighted Blanket: By Hand

It is not easy to wash weighted blankets by hand – but it can be done. Soak the blanket in a bathtub filled with water and detergent. After 10-15 minutes of soaking, enter into the tub and use your legs to work the blanket – stomp gently on the blanket for as long as you can and watch the dirt filter out. Then drain out the dirty water and release clean water into the tub to rinse the blanket.

You must rinse the blanket and drain the water for up to three times until you have no more suds showing. Together with a member of your family or neighbor, lug the blanket out of the bathtub and wring to squeeze out the water.

Carry the wet blanket outside and allow it to dry in the sun for 1-2 days under direct sunlight until completely dry. Bringing in an incomplete blanket will make the house smell and it may give rise to mold or mildew, plus it won’t be usable for sleep; so allow it to sun-dry completely.

Helpful tips for washing 20lb-25lb weighted blankets

You must bear the following tips in mind when cleaning your weighted blankets:

  • Always opt to wash your blanket at the Laundromat if it weighs 20 pounds or more. But you can choose to wash in your home washer if it is 15 pounds or less and you have a slightly bigger machine.
  • If you are using your home washer for the blanket, do not include other clothes with it during a cycle. Wash the blanket alone in the machine and ensure there is sufficient space for it to tumble and there is sufficient water and detergent for the operation.
  • Choose a low-level setting to wash the blanket. Setting your machine to spin aggressively will damage the blanket, and ensure you use cold or warm water for the purpose – not hot water. Even at the Laundromat, it is advisable you use a gentle spin for the blanket to preserve its integrity.
  • Use recommended detergent for the washing, and avoid using fabric softener. According to experts, fabric softeners make blankets scratchy or stiff after use and it may be uncomfortable to sleep in them. Meanwhile, it is also best to not use bleach or chlorine for the washing since it destroys the fabric and breaks down the fibers faster.
  • Although it is okay to dry your weighted blanket in the dryer when set to low heat, it is best to air-dry in the open. You can also spread it to dry on a large, clean surface such as a patio or clothesline, or grass under direct sunlight. If you must use a dryer for your blanket, set the dryer on low heat and then turn off the cycle before placing the blanket in it, and remember to change its position frequently to ensure it dries evenly.
  • You must also be advised that you must not iron your weighted blanket. You don’t want to destroy the filler or fiber and other fabrics the blanket was made of, so it is best you do not iron it after washing and drying.

So there you have the guide on how to wash a 20lb-25lb weighted blanket. Follow the instructions outlined in this guide and you will be just fine with washing and drying your heavy-load blanket.