LG Double Door Fridge Temperature Settings Guide

Having an LG Double Door Fridge can be a lifesaver. Asides from boasting a tough build and smart technology, the appliance has impressive cooling power for keeping food clean and fresh. 

Although the coolness comes out of the box, you might have to tweak some temperature settings to see desired results. But if you are not sure about the right parameters to use, your LG Fridge might end up with spoilt food.

Is there any need to be an expert technician before you can set the coolness of your fridge? No, but you can get the right settings by using a proper guide. If you can’t find one, go through our post and learn all you need to know about setting the temperature of your LG fridge.

lg double door refrigerator temperature settings

LG Double Door Fridge Temperature Settings Guide

Here are the various settings for controlling the coolness of your LG Fridge. Although this article is well-researched, we suggest that it should be used only for research purposes.

How Do I Set the Temperature on My LG Double Door Refrigerator?

If you want to adjust the temperature on the LG Double Door Refrigerator:

  • Go to the Control Panel at the front of the fridge 
  • Tap the Refrigerator button ( for the Refrigerator compartment) or the Freezer button ( for the Freezer compartment) to adjust the temperature a degree at a time
  • Wait for 24 hours to pass for the temperature to become stable 
  • Make additional adjustments if needed after 24 hours

But if your model supports the LG Mobile App:

  • Download and install the application from your preferred store to your smartphone 
  • Launch the app
  • Click on the Refrigerator tab
  • Click on the second Refrigerator tab
  • Cycle through the various temperatures to choose your preferred setting
  • Tap OK to save
  • Press Change to finish the adjustments

What Temperature Should the LG Dual Fridge Be Set At?

If you want to use the ideal temperature settings on your LG fridge, make sure the Fridge compartment is set to 37°F. As for the Freezer section, maintain a temperature of 0°F. 

How Do I Know If My Fridge Is Cold Enough?

You can tell if your fridge is cold enough by using a thermometer. But if your model supports a digital thermometer, you can just check the control panel on the door.

Is 7°C Good for Fridge?

No, 7°C is not an ideal temperature setting for your fridge. As long as you use this setting, there is a high chance that harmful bacteria such as salmonella will thrive on stored items.

Why is My LG Refrigerator Not Cold?

Does your LG fridge feel warm even when turned on? If yes, then the following reasons might be the cause of the problem.

  1. Dirty Gasket Seal

The door gasket seal of your fridge helps keep it shut. But if it gets dirty, the door stays open and allows warm air to fill up the appliance.

  1. High-Temperature Setting

If you set the fridge temperature above the recommended parameters, you will end up with a slightly warmer interior. You can solve this problem by adjusting the temperature and waiting for 24 hours for the coolness to even out.

  1. Excess Food

Storing large amounts of food can reduce the coolness of your fridge. But if you wait for a few hours, the temperature settings should return to normal.

  1. Blocked Air Vents

Inside the fridge, cool air flows from air vents. If blocked, the cabinet becomes warmer. To reduce the temperature, push any stored item that might block the vents.

  1. Faulty Hardware

Hardware such as evaporator fans helps keep your fridge cool. But if they malfunction, you will end up with warmer fridge compartments. 

What are Unsafe Fridge Temperatures?

Unsafe Fridge Temperatures are temperatures at which harmful bacteria thrive in fridges. On most models, this range falls between 40 and 140°F.

Which is More Colder in a Fridge 1°c or 7°c?

On an LG Double Door fridge, 1°C is a colder temperature setting than 7°C. After all, lower temperatures indicate a higher level of coldness. 

How Do You Reset Your LG Double Door Fridge?

If your LG double door does not feel as cold as required, you can solve the problem with a reset.

You can reset your LG Double Door fridge by using the following steps:

  • Head to the back of the fridge 
  • Unplug the fridge from the wall outlet 
  • Keep the fridge unplugged for a minute
  • Replug the fridge back into the wall outlet 
  • Wait for a few hours for the coolness to even out

Is it OK to Put Milk in the Fridge Door?

No, you should not store milk on the door shelf of your fridge because of the warm air. To store milk properly, wipe the milk container properly and place it on the inner fridge shelf.